VIDEO SCULTURA video sculpture

Cherry-tree flowers & candle – 2016. Video-installation.
Fire: as an act of purification, of separation, of passage. This artwork stems from a separation ritual from a person who no longer exists. The duration of the video is slow as the time of the metabolization is slow. A greeting, an obligatory passage underlined by a cage that does not hesitate to appear glowing behind the burning sheet.

Intrinsicality of a presence – 2018. Backrest accompanied by reflections, thoughts, photographs.
The old chair of my great-grandfather. One of the very few furnishings in my house in when I moved. In the middle of walls the only element that welcomed me and at the same time tied me to the past. This sculpture is born for deeper and more personal emotional needs but it becomes the starting point for another reflection. Items. A simple object like an armchair of more than 100 years, intrinsic of dust, intrinsic of presences. How many members of my family sat on it? How many strangers I have never met sat on it? How much story can a simple object tell? We live in a society where we are constantly accustomed to getting rid of objects that are sometimes still intact, for fashion and consumerism. We live surrounded by objects that have no more history, memory, story, presence. We buy short-term approved items that encourage us to throw away what is obsolete, producing a devastating amount of waste and garbage. How can we breathe our past? How can we remember what we were and what our roots were? This sculpture speaks of itself, speaks of my ancestors, speaks of the entire generation of my grandparents and great-grandparents. It talks about how objects were built in ancient times, it talks about materials that are no longer manufactured, it speaks of itself and of the time that has been.

Gloria Veronica Lavagnini - L'intrinsecità di una presenza - 2018 - Bassa ris.