INCISIONE engraving

Public Collection of Kazan Kremlin Museum
Boundary between theater and play, 2019. Triptych, woodcut. Triptych, chalcography.
Presented for the V Biennial of Printed Graphics from 12 September 2019 in the exhibition room of contemporary art Hazine. Edited by Olga Ulemnova and Alexandr Artamonov.

Public Collection, Russia and Italy. 
Memory: you/us/me, 2019. Triptych in 10 copies. Woodcut and letterpress.
Created for the first engraving contamination project Recognition, between eleven Young Russian and Italian artists. Currently exhibited in the cities of Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny. Edited by Olga Ulemnova, Alexandr Artamonov and Marat Mingaleev.

Prof. Campi personal archive.
Screening of academic studies, 2014.  Engraving: Etching, aquatint, ceramolle, salt style.

Experiments in xylography within the Intergrafica project, Italy-Russia, 2017.
Monotype prints have multiple properties. Engravings have been given as gifts or exchanged between the project’s artists.
We apologize for the low photo quality. Photo during creation in studio and during the exhibition at the Kazan Kremlin Museum and the Moscow Painters’ Hall in 2018.