High Graphics 2020 Nab. Chelny - ENG (1)

Curators Marat Iskandarovich Mingaleev (Naberežnye Čelny, Russia) and Gloria Veronica Lavagnini (Genoa, Italy).

Aim of the project is to create ever new international cultural connections and exchanges in the world of printed graphics. The intent is to spread the contemporary Art of Engraving and Graphics to monitor a sharing and an understanding of what is happening today in a global perspective, opening territorial boundaries and purchasing a mutual enrichment of possibilities that offers this ancient technique. The branch of the Engraving Art, in fact, is often ideologically eclipsed and connected to the ancient world and the performers of this workforce are in turn often associated more like craftsmen than like real artists. This project aims to give rise to Printed Graphics as active and present research in Contemporary Art offering to the world’s public the infinite possibilities that characterize the poetics of many contemporary engraver artists all over the world. A project that enhances with a real new space that art often delegated to a sector and a niche audience.

Idea was born from the Tartar engraver artist Marat Iskandarovich Mingaleev who, in recent years, has started an active and mutual exchange of graphic works with foreign countries including France, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina. Hence the need to create an exhibition project that would gather, explore and make known as many people as possible what happens in the graphic branch in the distant territories. This is accompanied by the technical support and territorial subdivision of the contemporary artist Gloria Veronica Lavagnini (Italy) who deals with contacts with the artists for the foreign section and organization, bringing the contemporary western conceptual vision to the selection which is completed with the traditional oriental executive technical vision of Mingaleev.

The exhibition will be attended by renowned artists with whom a collaboration has already started for long time, among which we can list: Alexandr Mikhailovich Artamonov (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia) member of the Russian Academy of Arts and director of the Grafcom Kazan Association; Anna Filimonova (Volgograd, Russia) graphic artist; Ana Bonamico (Rosario, Argentina) graphic artist and collaborator for the Argentina section. The project was born with the main purpose of expanding the exchange and contact between the artists, without limits of age and nationality. So we hope for an intense and rich response from which to create and develop new lasting bonds.